Words by Stephanie McNab-Scott

Lord, you are good and creative and worthy of praise.

Thank you for the world you created, that you declared it good, and that you invite us to participate in forming it.

You are a creative God.
You spoke your visions for the world into being, and we marvel at sights we’ve seen before a thousand times, as much in awe as we were at first glimpse.

You are a creative God, and you make us in Your image. You have made us creators like you, and in creating we call forth reminders of Your beauty and goodness.
You are a creative God, so delighting in the act of Creation that You gift us with the ability and skill to shape and mould, to craft and refine, to imagine and dream, to experiment and change. Creation continues, as a collaborative union of Holy Spirit and humanity. 

You are a creative God who calls us to create and give shape to our corners of the world and develop our gifts that glorify Your being. Be it art or music, math or science,  atmospheres or relationships, the naming of animals in a garden or the building of a city becoming the Kingdom of God’s redemption, you call us to bring forth what is coming. You invite us to work alongside you.

Lord Jesus, inspire visions within us. Give us eyes to see what could become, and the boldness and courage and the willingness to pursue it. Help us to challenge our thinking, to be open to new ways, to reimagine and discover life to the full in following you. Bless us with opportunities to collaborate with you in creating moments and relationships. 

Show us where You are, moment by moment, as we build Your kingdom here. 

Words by Stephanie McNab-Scott via

Photo by Matthew Henry

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August 10, 2019
August 16, 2019


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