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July 2019

  • How Can I Be Planted Deeper?

    July 29, 2019

    Passion, creativity, enthusiasm and the ability to thrive are both connected and constantly challenged. There’s bound to be something challenging an aspect of our lives in some way at any given moment and we must be willing to deal with the threats that come after our passion/creativity/enthusiasm and ability to thrive. To deal with these challenges we need to pose them a challenge of our own so that we can take a step forward.
    Let us ask ourselves: how can I be planted deeper?”

  • Hello Shining Star

    July 3, 2019

    For all of history God has counted the stars and called them by name, the immense number of them. He’s always known how many of them there are in the sky, where they are located and just how bright they are. He’s known when they came to be, the difference that they make and every little detail about them. Just as God knows these details about each and every one of the 100 billion stars, He knows it about you. Just as God knows every star and calls it by its name, He’s called your name for all eternity.