• Momma’s Silent Prayers

    May 11, 2020
    Momma's Silent Prayers by The Hope Resolve

    My youngest nephew is a rainbow baby.

    Throughout the years after his older sister was born, I would often hear my brother-in-law say that he wanted to have more children. Whenever he held a baby, you could lovingly see a smile fill his face, quickly followed by a glance towards my sister with a dreamy gaze in his eyes. My niece and my nephew are quite a few years apart, so needless to say, news of my nephew’s arrival came with joy-filled anticipation and wonder.

    For some time, my sister had seen a little boy in her dreams. She described him to me as the most beautiful little boy she had ever seen. His life filled many prayers, and when she spoke of him she did so with anticipation, excitement, pride and admiration for the gift that his miraculous life would bring. My sister would birth a son, and he would fill their days with smiles, wonder and endless joy.

    I still remember when the news came of the baby we didn’t get to meet. It was a time of rejoicement, of counting the weeks and months ahead, and of anticipation for one of life’s greatest gifts to come. This child my sister now carried in her womb, she’d already spent time with in her dreams. And that child’s life, would soon find it’s home in heaven. Read on to learn more about the journey that followed, and how faith-filled, silent prayers nurtured a BRAVE new, miraculous life.

  • My Friends, the Muse

    May 8, 2020
    The Difference Maker and The Joyful Challenger by The Hope Resolve

    My close friends are my muses. They help to ignite the flame of my passion and creativity, making me believe in a better reality and a future with hope.

    Sometimes we go through life thinking we know our strengths, who we really are and the passion that’s inside of us. Yet it’s not until we put those strengths, those qualities and that passion into use for the benefit of someone else, of someone we love, that we truly come to know who we really are.

    In my own life, there’s two friends who are my constant muses, my igniters of passion and carriers of hope. I lovingly think of them as The Difference Maker and The Joyful Challenger. Read on to learn more about their amazing lives.

  • ZZ-26

    April 29, 2020
    View from ZZ-26

    I love spending Sundays at church. We live in the New York metro area and the church we call home holds Sunday services at a large theater venue. I’ve always found it so exciting to take in the service from different vantage points in the theater, and while most photos focus on the glamour of the front row experience, this photo is taken from what most would consider the worst seat in the theater. Yet for me, this seat is one of the most important seats in our church venue and prompted a life and perspective-changing revelation. Read on for more encouragement on going the distance with a willing heart.

  • ZZ-26

    April 28, 2020
    ZZ-26 by The Hope Resolve

    As we answer the call that is in each of our lives, God will speak to and fill the empty and desolate places of…

  • Blessings in Solitude

    April 4, 2020
    Blessings in Solitude Photo

    With so much emphasis now placed on staying home and on socially distancing ourselves, it’s important to remember that there’s still a difference between being in solitude and being in isolation. By shifting our internal perspective from being in isolation to being in solitude, we can give our soul the freedom to find and dwell in the calmness that this unplanned respite can offer. Solitude allows us to:

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